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Team League Rank Managed by
The Heel Clickers DCRBI 1st Ghost Mago 
Free Wily Mo Peña Bat FIPs and BABIPs 1st weezy 
Monongahela Crickets Mourning 🐷 The Great American Pastime 3rd weezy Jason Mycoff Jason W 
ROCKY MTN OYSTERS 🗻 If You Build It They Will Come 1st slowphenom mmaude 
Do Crickets Mourn Monongahela? 🐷 Perfect Game Fantasy League 1st weezy Jason Mycoff Jason W 
W. floresiensis ⚾️UZR Friendly⚾️ 2nd David 
One-Eighty by Sandberg League of Nations 4th Ghost Mago 
The Big Unit's Mourning Dove BIS & Friends 2nd weezy 
Hawken Hawks FanGraphs Staff 5th nivshah Chad Young 
Rochester Garbage Plates Food and Travel League (1199) 2nd Justin Vibber 
Mariachi A-Rod 🇪🇺 Bull Durham League 🐂 (52) 2nd Lt Fluffski 
Jackie Daytona 🇪🇺 The Show (568) 3rd Lt Fluffski 
Three Orange Whips 🇪🇺 Fantastical 6th Lt Fluffski 
Drone Army 🚀 bum bum bum bum bum baseBALL 1st Jo-Bu 
I Walk the Mendoza Line Stable Baseball Geniuses 5th Jo-Bu 
Trash Can Bangers The Lollygaggers 2nd Jo-Bu 
🐶 The RiverDogs 🐶 ⚾ When It Was A Game ⚾ (726) 4th Jo-Bu 
The Bronx Empire Ottoneu Parks and Rec League 1st The Bronx Empire 
Paging Dr Andrews $100 5x5 Dynasty League 3rd wmossor6 TheEmbassy 
The Dock Ellis Daytrippers Heavy Lumber League 2nd Jo-Bu 
Lords of Lumber Well Beyond the Box Score 6th Clarkbar36 
I'll figure it out later 90% Mental 1st wmossor6 TheEmbassy 
Monroe Doctrine Masters of WAR 1st thebostinian kevinahof 
Larry Bernandez Just Baseball Fans 2nd Joe Wilkey 
Third Degree Burnes 🔥 108 Stitches 1st JD15 
🎏 Lake Superior Gales 🌊 $100 Old School Hardball 6th bosawas 
Indios del Boer 5x5 Champions 2nd bosawas 
Vixere. The Stagnant Room 3rd wmossor6 TheEmbassy 
Wahoo! League of Lev 1st davemcgr 
Lord Humongous's Dogs of War Firehouse Roto 1st Russell 
Wahoo! Dynasty Gurus 3rd davemcgr 
Jackie Treehorn's Logjammers Ottoneu 5x5 dynasty 4th Russell 
Egg Shen Sorcery bum bum bum bum bum baseBALL 4th Russell 
Cal Rikken LightSaber Metrics 2nd Kyle H 
Wanderlust 108 Stitches 2nd drewoneill 
Marte Partay Pitching, Defense and 3 Run Homers 5th emptyflight 
No Regerts PSAL 4th VoteForPedro 
#18 Georgia Reuben 🥪 Food and Travel League (1199) 1st kingg21 
The Spuds 🐕‍🦺 Fantasy Field of Dreams 3rd jacochri 
Zucchini and Spuds 🥔 Ottoneu Coast to Coast 1st jacochri 
Staff Infection Just A Bit Outside 1st onearmbandit 
Stinkers Diamond Bag Heads 5th jhselvik 
Uptown Hustlers Ottoneudist Colony 2nd onearmbandit 
The Spudders 🥔 Opening Day! 2nd jacochri 
Zucchini Monster 🦴 The Sultans of Swat 1st jacochri 
Graham's Neubies Wine and Freese Platter 2nd William Wallace 
Monongahela Monster 🐢 Big Ray King 3rd Jason Mycoff 
Lowe Baseball IQ FOF (Fresh Ottoneu Faces) 1st Brooks 
BEN AND DADDY SABRtastic 1st aberman88 
North Shore Captains If You Build It They Will Come 5th rosborne 
SAM IS A WANDERER Ottoneudist Colony 3rd aberman88 
Rigby & Pops Zorin Industries Reconstituted 3rd Gran Puma 
FramberCatz 50K Ottoneu Leagues under the Sea 💯 4th rustydude joecatz 
JustCatz Ottoneu Champions 🏆 (530) 2nd joecatz 
Team Dark Overlord FanGraphs Staff 1st David Appelman beckryac 
😸SabrCatz😾 The Stagnant Room 1st RaysFan joecatz 
Ducksnorts & Hooligans Branch Rickey Wannabes (757) 2nd beckryac 
Bednars & Boomsticks 50K Ottoneu Leagues under the Sea 💯 6th beckryac 
SSS Fluke 50K Ottoneu Leagues under the Sea 💯 2nd kingg21 
The Notorious Gregorius The Nick Greenhorn Society 5th pallenikje 
Chief Benders B. Selig Blue Ribbon Glee Club 1st fjlowery 
Five ⭐️ Reads 📉💵🗑 Trash-Can Bangers 2nd cbauer 
Black Magic Ballclub The Show (568) 6th beckryac 
Player to be Named Later Cargill Tax 6th walkerpilot 
The Clongowes Cricket Club ☘️ P.R.E.A.M. Baseball League 2nd Jason W 
MLB The Shohei The Sleeper and the Buxton 1st MLB 
Blue Jays Baseball 1st AMendels 
Plátanos Congelados Hot Morning manFreds! 5th G 
Cosby Sweaters $100 5x5 Dynasty League 1st stockhfcrx stockhfcrx2 
Seiya It Ain’t Soto 🤓 U.S. Fantasy Baseball League 4th brandollars 
🥜Modesto Nuts🥜 Fastballs at Ridgemont High 4th CJMBucks 
Shotime 大谷 翔平 The Sandlot 2nd VoteForPedro 
The Troutliers Baseball 6th troy 
Galapagos Lava Lizards This is Fantasy Baseball 3rd lollygagr 
Santa Barbara Seabirds Old School Roto 3rd thephd 
Jeffery Toobin's Jackin' Dongs Baseball 3rd eldurko 
FryGuys Betting On Baseball (1059) 4th chrisfry1 
Oy With The Poodles Already Leisured Gentlemen's League II 6th schpydah 
Monongahela Monster 🐲 SNK Crushers 👾 5th Jason Mycoff 
O'Kieboom'er DRB Tampa Bay Rays 1st O'Kieboomer 
Mulligan's Valley The Show (568) 2nd Most Honorable Burrow Warden 
Me and Julio The 3000 Hit Club 1st frogmister 
Batting Around The OttoNewbies 1st rcc312 
Dave Stewart's Balls original ottoneu 1st jpjazzman 
Car of Idiots This is Fantasy Baseball 4th Most Honorable Burrow Warden 
An Album Cover Opening Day! 3rd Most Honorable Burrow Warden 
Butterscotch Perfect Game Fantasy League 5th bsquash 
Jose Can You See World Baseball League 1st mervdiddy 
Trashcan Bangers Diamond Dynasty 2nd sapol 
RED DOG The OttoNewbies 5th bpschuld 
The Devers In The Details Just a Bit Outside 3rd Travis 
Vandelay Industries 🇪🇺 Tastes good with white wine 5th Lt Fluffski 
Lightsabermetrics 🛶 Tastes good with white wine 1st leifer 
Urbina's Farmhands Baseball Prospectus - CBrown - 3/23 1st PillsburyFlowboy 
Who's Your Vladdy? Did It All for the Rookies 5th bwbaseball 
The Art of Pitching 50K Ottoneu Leagues under the Sea 💯 5th scubadan123 
Rowdy Dow Dow Ottoneu Coast to Coast 2nd RookieMonsters 
Craictastic Trans-Pacific Baseball League 3rd RookieMonsters 
Empire Zorin Industries Reconstituted 2nd syracuse451 
The French Connection Cooperstown - The Jack O'Ryan Memorial League 4th Jake Mailhot 
The Gritty Committee 🟠 🏆 Republic of Knowles 1st shh31 blakestaley 
wRC Digs the Long Ball Out Of Options 2nd shh31 blakestaley 
I Lux Big Buxtons The Bowdoin Dynasty 1st EthreeP0 
The Schwindy City Base Ball 1st mchinski1 
Some Slapdicks SNK Crushers 👾 4th rustydude leisureboy66 
Jeter Did Roids Dynasty Gurus 2nd Valentino Pascucci 
adam AP Fangraphs Dynasty 1st meatychud21 
Baseball Furies Out Of Options 1st Royal Joe Izzy 
Lesbos Eunuchs Harold Reynolds Superstar 1st giambistache tunglashr 
Bob Loblaw's Ball Club ⚾️ The Show (568) 4th giambistache 
Jeff.eth Skulltoons AP Fangraphs Dynasty 5th barrettdavis 
Sad Bat True Bat FIPs and BABIPs 2nd NZ314 
Hats for Bats Bat FIPs and BABIPs 3rd rickyc33 
Batboys 12 up and 12 down 3rd erg5840 jmaturi1 
Flying Squirrels Flags Fly Forever 2nd henrywilson 
Laser Showalter 🏆🏆🏆🏆 Chicks Dig the Longball (183) 2nd Mark 
KaRateChoP You Don’t Know Cracker Jack 3rd buttah 
Lou Brown's Shitburgers Zorin Industries Reconstituted 1st emklin01 
Gaussian Rounders $250 Points League 1st BenStellwagen 
Gaussian Softball PSAL 1st BenStellwagen 
Gaussian Cricket Opening Day! 6th BenStellwagen 
Gaussian Schlagball Steal Home 5th BenStellwagen 
Blue Sox Masters of WAR 4th Royal Joe 
FERDA Just A Bit Outside 2nd robbern58 
LethSugo The 3000 Hit Club 3rd Sten Egil Dahl 
Ron Washington Nose Candy Here's Another Hit Barry Bonds 1st rikoze 
Residue of Design The Push Bunt 2nd NHFoged 
King McKong 🦍 Fantasy Field of Dreams 4th McPontiff 
Jassan that Neon Rainbow A League Has No Name 4th Casey 
As theres a drive into deep left.. Fantasy League of Ex-Athletes 3rd ryanvp10 
Monster Dove Club 🐷 Big Gulps, Huh? 1st weezy Jason Mycoff Jason W 
Six Pelvis Sword original ottoneu 2nd Thad 
Little Spaceman Just Baseball Fans 1st runfolk 
Hope Zombies BC Willie Bloomquist's Grit 2nd rroser 
Descalsified $250 Points League 4th jtla502 
Sticky Onions Steal Home 3rd bond224 
Walker Buehler's Day off Fastballs at Ridgemont High 1st rzbzadra 
Sometimes Maybe Good Jose Canseco's Juice Hut 3rd D-Wiz 
Project Mayhem OC Fantasy Baseball 5th Matt Maison 
👾👽Freak-a-Zoids👽👾 Ottonouveau 3rd astraea.m.k 
The Overrated Barrels A Midsummers Night Classic 2nd JulianGindi haminhand 
All the FIPPY Horses Evening Redness in the West 1st johnbosma 
Votto Still Bangs The Captains Table 1st Red October 
Arsenal BC Proof of Concept 2.0 2nd klabeck 
The Wuerling Darvish The Back Fields 1st The Wuerling Darvish 
The Reggie Jefferson's Pitching, Defense and 3 Run Homers 1st bobbym921 
🌴 Flyin Hawaiian 🌴 A Midsummers Night Classic 3rd Cmp 
New York Superstars The Back Fields 4th coolhanluke 
Sticky-Stuff Sluggers ☀️🧴 A League Has No Name 1st lunamink1 sluggersfb 
WAMCO Geckos Party Deck 1st jayjag37 
The Kevin Mitchell Report💉 The Dirty Dozen 1st Leif 
The Musial Suspects Tastes good with white wine 3rd ChetLemon 
Sons of Bichettes Ghost Runner on Second 6th ChetLemon 
Heyward Yu Muncy My Woodruff? The Dirty Dozen 2nd Ball in Glove 
Hakuna Machado (Jason) Base Ballin’ 1st baseballwaco123 
Bohms Ober Baghdad The 40/40 Club 4th Crash37 
SABRtooth Tigers 🐅🐅 Republic of Knowles 6th Balboni Sandwich 
Pocketful of Aces The Back Fields 3rd spnchiang 
⚾️ Leather Daddy ⚾️ Legends Dynasty League 2nd skearney4 
Duck Sauce If You Build It They Will Come 4th ichirosamba 
Jobu's Bats The Back Fields 2nd cgspill 
Its Now or Devers Better Late Than Never 1st spotzup614 
Argyle Beavers 108 STITCHES ALLIANCE 2nd GermUrn 
Nine Separate Misfortunes Ottoneu head to head 1st grunfeld4life 
Like and Subscribe 💎🙌 Pros-Only Maxed Out SABR dawgs 1st jufowles 
Prospect Manipulator DRB Tampa Bay Rays 2nd dylanccrain 
Devil Magic 108 STITCHES ALLIANCE 3rd Cardinal Sin 
Arsenal BC The Crane Pool Forum Fantasy 1st klabeck 
Dock Ellis No Hitter Welcome to the Show 1st lseptsev 
Long Gone The Sandlot 3rd scubadan123 
Spuddy 🐾 Steal Home 4th jacochri 
Bad-Ball Bums Cramz 4th dvoyce5 
Turtles Regression To The Mean 3rd ewindf 
Aces Full ♠️ Elysian Fields 4th gator dlaboissonniere 
The Swamp 🐊 h2h Erebor 6th gator dlaboissonniere 
LOS BARBUDOS Cross Country Warfare 2nd jonahgo 
Shohei me the way Cargill Tax 1st masonzippo 
Diesel Donnie 💪 Ghost Runner on Second 1st cbauer 
The American Dream The Nick Greenhorn Society 3rd y2jim1 
📖The Book of Bo Bichette📖 Classy Gentlemen 3rd forearmtightness 
Big Papi memories The Captains Table 3rd Papifantasy 
Clase Closed Otto Intermediate League 6th mervdiddy 
Rhys' Pieces The League 4th troy 
Chico's Bail Bonds Elysian Fields 2nd dylancards 
The Monolith The Crane Pool Forum Fantasy 4th Trae 
No Rounders! Effectively Wild (Dynasty) 2nd jas_one 
Nashville Joebyrds JuanPierreAppreciationSociety 3rd Joey Callahan 
Bases Loaded Masters of WAR 2nd Izzy 
Birmingham Jailbirds Money League Baseball 2nd Don't Care If I Never Get Back 
Birmingham Jailbirds Plumbers and Pipefitters Local 4th Don't Care If I Never Get Back 
The Plakata Principle League of Lev 4th Slippy 
Highland Lowes 🐮 World Series of Tubes 1st highlandcow 
THE PROFANE UNDERTONES Moe Drabowsky Society 3rd elvisbanker 
wOBA Fett The Dynasty Division 4th Steve Barnes 
The Brendolorians Go Off Kings 4th brendo 
Always $ in the Banana Stand LightSaber Metrics 1st tthrash 
Spud 🥔 Otto-new or no? 1st jacochri 
$3 Tokki 🐰 Full Circuit Auctionhouse 3rd Henry 
Down by the Schoolyard Cactuar League 1st zbrum25 
Meddles' Heavies Elysian Fields 3rd WWgolfer 
Midre Cummings and Goings SABRtastic 6th whiteyinpgh 
Death Valley Scalpers Legends Dynasty League 1st Chief Scalper 
The Juggernaut Cactuar League 2nd JimmyD 
Prestige Worldwide OttoNew 4th bfd106b 
Scarecrow Boat Firehouse Roto 2nd mrdog61 
🧨Vladimir’s WAR Crimes🇺🇦 ⚾️UZR Friendly⚾️ 1st Kris 
Old Town Lions 🦁 Always Late the Party 5th gipper624 
Muehlebach's Marvels Evening Redness in the West 4th ted 
5TOOLER is Typing Otto-new or no? 6th kingg21 
Springfield Sultans 🐍 Moe Drabowsky Society 5th rhermes 
The Name's Not Boy, It’s Roy Chasing Taters 6th kylejo 
Devil Dogs Redux Did It All for the Rookies 2nd ksteff 
Lollygaggers Jose Canseco's Juice Hut 1st lollygagr 
Rockout with your Lockout The Summer Classic 3rd mrdog61 
1992 City Champs OC Fantasy Baseball 1st buzziB 
Magic Loogy Vandelay Industries 2nd mpep86 
CornBelters League Of Bleacher Executives 6th clarkhj23 
Big Papi memories Wrestling Clique Dynasty 6th Papifantasy 
Big Papi memories Shea Stadium 6th Papifantasy 
Funky Cold Molina 3OH3 2nd Ehanna 
Trashcan Bangerang Minor League Moneyball 3rd Hurtya 
Longshots Fantasy League of Ex-Athletes 1st Mario Mendoza 
⚾️Otto Five⚾️ MVP Baseball 2005 3rd jaw31601 
Waccabuc Gas Catchers Cramz 3rd chubbswashburn 
Smelly Pirate Hooker >League Name Goes Here< 4th Crash37 
Saigon Cydonians 🗿 Big Gulps, Huh? 2nd McPontiff 
LT Titans ⭐ Rock and Fire 1st Ryan 
🎋🐉Dragonflies🐉🎋 Fastballs at Ridgemont High 5th astraea.m.k 
WANDERforever Cramz 2nd stevensl 
A-Fraud >League Name Goes Here< 2nd dmkallin 
The Kiltartan Cricket Club ☘️ Ultimate Foul Balls 3rd Jason W 
Mahoning Valley Scrappers Armchair GMs 4th dpmetz30 
Bananaphone 🍌📞 Opening Day! 1st fjlowery 
Goats of Midlothian A League Has No Name 2nd lupiene 
The Squinty Percivals Major League Fantasy Baseball 2nd jchase1313 
Ballad of Sandfrog The Nick Greenhorn Society 2nd jchase1313 
The Daring Erstads 3OH3 3rd jchase1313 
Master of the Domain Vandelay Industries 4th iremac 
Freeport Pretzels original ottoneu 4th Chad Young 
Roland’s Ka-tet Betting On Baseball (1059) 2nd Izzy