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Note: We have baseball records starting October 18, 2015
Sport League Team Acquired
Baseball The Dynasty Division Old School (5x5) Riverboat Gamblers 🎲 January 27, 2022
Baseball Hardcore Baseball Old School (5x5) The BOMB SQUAD 💣 January 20, 2020
Baseball $100 5x5 Dynasty League Old School (5x5) Cease and Desist October 18, 2021
Baseball Ottoneudist Colony Old School (5x5) Uptown Hustlers March 5, 2018
Baseball $100 Old School Hardball Old School (5x5) Diamond Vagabonds January 11, 2021
Baseball Just A Bit Outside Old School (5x5) Staff Infection November 24, 2020
Baseball Heavy Lumber League Old School (5x5) Bichette's Creek January 16, 2019

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