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Ottoneu Prestige League Rules

Ottoneu Prestige League is a game that is played on top of Ottoneu Fantasy Baseball. If you enter, your team is shared between both games. All roster management and transactions that happen in your Ottoneu Fantasy Baseball leagues will eventually be reflected in OPL. Your OPL team will require no direct management, but will be indirectly managed by your decisions in your Ottoneu Fantasy Baseball league.


Ottoneu Prestige League is the only Ottoneu contest that teams will need to qualify for in order to compete. In order to qualify, a team must:

If a team qualifies for OPL, one of their managers will need to pay the entry fee to reserve one of the 240 OPL spots for the upcoming season. The entry fee will be $50 and is separate from any Ottoneu Fantasy Baseball fees. With the limited number of spots in the contest, be sure to enter as soon as possible.

For this season only, we are lifting the top-6 qualification requirement and making the OPL contest available to any team in an active 12-team second-year or older league that pays the entry fee.

If fewer than 75 teams enter in this season's OPL, it will be canceled and all entry fees will be refunded.


OPL is the only Ottoneu game to utilize best-ball FanGraphs points scoring. What this means is the platform will determine a team's most possible total points on a given day given its roster and will set its lineup accordingly. These points will be aggregated and displayed on the OPL-wide leaderboard. The best-ball system will not mandate a full lineup, so players that score negative points will never count towards totals.

OPL points for a given day will accumulate from official MLB games played on that day. Points from the resumed portion of a suspended games will not count. If a player plays in both ends of a MLB doubleheader on a given day, their total points for the day will be considered when calculating the best possible lineup.

Official scorekeeping changes made more than 12 hours after a game completes will not be considered when calculating OPL point totals.

The best-ball algorithm will use current positional eligibility to place players in the lineup such that each OPL team's points are maximized for the day and the OPL team plays a legal H2H lineup with C, 1B, 2B, 3B, SS, MI, 5 OF, Util, 2 SP and 5 RP slots.

Scoring FanGraphs Points
Lineups H2H Points, 2 SP slots per day

However, a team's OPL roster will not exactly mirror its Ottoneu Fantasy Baseball roster. There are key dates through the OPL season in which rosters are updated and teams are eliminated from the contest.

Starting with the 4th round, team rosters no longer update. At this point, OPL switches to tournament mode from an overall leaderboard contest. In 2021, the OPL knockout tournament will start on July 14 and have the following key dates:

The H2H tournament is a 2-week best-ball matchup and has no carryover in points from round to round. Winners move on and losers are eliminated. Matchups are generated randomly at 4am at the start of each round. The OPL champion is crowned at the end of the final H2H game.

Any ties will have the winner determined by coin-flip.


Ottoneu Prestige League will give cash prizes for the top 16 teams in the contest.

Place Cash Prize
First $1600
Second $1200
Third and Fourth $600
Fifth through Eighth $400
Ninth through 16th $200

The 32 teams that qualify for the H2H tournament will receive an OPL t-shirt for that season

OPL champion will receive a custom wooden bat engraved with that season’s OPL logo, as well as automatic entry into next season’s OPL

Number of entries and cash prizes may be increased based on demand

Roster Updates

At each roster update date, the OPL system will take a snapshot of a team’s Ottoneu Fantasy Baseball roster at 4am ET and update the OPL roster accordingly. If an Ottoneu Fantasy Baseball roster is an illegal state at that moment, the OPL system will discard the team’s latest transactions until they are in a legal state, so make sure your team is in a legal state at 4am ET of each key date. Any pending trades or outstanding auctions that are not completed in time for this snapshot will not be reflected in the updated OPL roster.

What Do I Have To Do?

Interested and want to play? For this season, all you have to do is enter your teams that are in 12-team leagues. Starting in 2022, there will be a top-6 qualification requirement, but that has been waived for this season. Once the OPL and Ottoneu Fantasy Baseball seasons start, you’ll have to be clever with roster moves to keep your team competitive in both contests through the 2021 season.