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Active Teams

Note: We have baseball records starting October 18, 2015
Sport League Team Acquired
Baseball League of Lev FanGraphs Points 💦⚾️Rainmakers⚾️💦 March 21, 2021
Baseball Shea Stadium Old School (5x5) 🐉🗡️The Asha’man🗡️🐉 March 17, 2024
Baseball Wine and Freese Platter FanGraphs Points 🌻🌱Garden Hoerners🌱🌻 January 28, 2024
Baseball Effectively Wild (Dynasty) SABR Points 🧹🥖Rake and Bake🥖🧹 March 21, 2022
Baseball 90% Mental SABR Points 🌱💥Seed Bomber💥🌱 October 15, 2018
Baseball Fastballs at Ridgemont High FanGraphs Points 🎋🐉Dragonflies🐉🎋 January 23, 2018
Baseball Ottonouveau H2H FanGraphs Points 👾👽Freak-a-Zoids👽👾 February 20, 2018
Baseball MLFB Dynasty H2H FanGraphs Points 🌿🧉Peruvian Shamans🧉🌿 May 9, 2024
Baseball Talking Chop v1.0 SABR Points 🌸🛡️Marg Sabol🛡️🌸 March 26, 2023
Baseball Twenty Sided Diamond (1053) FanGraphs Points ☀️👑Sun Kings👑☀️ October 29, 2020
Baseball xprospects FanGraphs Points 🐟🚣🏼‍♀️Hook Line Sinker🚣🏼‍♀️🐟 May 29, 2024
Baseball Cramz H2H SABR Points 🗡🦾Gundam Astraea🦾🗡 March 25, 2021
Baseball Always Late the Party H2H SABR Points 🐝❌ Brood X ❌🐝 April 28, 2021
Baseball Keep or Kut Ottoneu Classic (4x4) ⚾️🔨Hammer Time🔨⚾️ August 9, 2022

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