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Note: We have baseball records starting October 18, 2015
Sport League Team Acquired
Baseball Welcome to the Show H2H FanGraphs Points Flying DeLoreans January 2, 2023
Baseball PSAL H2H FanGraphs Points Hill Valley Bulldogs November 18, 2022
Baseball 2020 Tribute League Old School (5x5) Inn-N-Out 5x5 December 28, 2023
Baseball Friendly Confines SABR Points Yo SABR, Tu SABRes December 28, 2023
Baseball The 3000 Hit Club H2H FanGraphs Points Slam Diego February 27, 2021
Baseball The League H2H FanGraphs Points Deferrers💰 January 30, 2023
Baseball Better Late Than Never H2H FanGraphs Points 80 Grade November 21, 2022
Baseball Let the Kids Play H2H FanGraphs Points Future Value December 13, 2022
Baseball Dad Rock Fan Club H2H FanGraphs Points El Abanico February 8, 2024
Basketball NBA Jam Rubble on the Double² September 26, 2022

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