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Note: We have baseball ownership records starting October 18, 2015
Sport League Team Acquired
Baseball 50K Ottoneu Leagues under the Sea 💯 FanGraphs Points The Silk Road Gang November 13, 2015
Baseball Brinksmanship 🎩 (649) FanGraphs Points Orlando Banana Hammocks January 30, 2016
Baseball The Champagne Room FanGraphs Points 😸SABRcatz😼 March 2, 2017
Baseball Sabermetric League of Statistical Analysis🔥 SABR Points Red PaperCatz August 30, 2017
Baseball Ottoneu Champions 🏆 (530) FanGraphs Points Burlington Catz Factory November 9, 2017
Baseball Tony Clark Nice Guys ($350 Floor) FanGraphs Points Finding Nimmos March 14, 2018
Baseball xprospects FanGraphs Points ROBOCATZ January 19, 2020

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