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Steve Lidd

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Active Teams

Note: We have baseball records starting October 18, 2015
Sport League Team Acquired
Baseball The Sandlot FanGraphs Points LIMA.SANDLOT October 10, 2022
Baseball STS Readers League FanGraphs Points LIMA.STS August 9, 2022
Baseball Big Ten Challenge FanGraphs Points LIMA.BTC November 28, 2023
Baseball Just One More League! SABR Points LIMA.JOML August 9, 2022
Baseball Rob's Favorite Ottoneu League H2H FanGraphs Points LIMA.RFOL August 9, 2022
Baseball If You Build It They Will Come FanGraphs Points LIMA.BUILD February 8, 2024
Baseball Ottoneu Parks and Rec League FanGraphs Points LIMA.OPRL October 10, 2022
Baseball 27 Outs Away Ottoneu Classic (4x4) LIMA.27 August 9, 2022
Baseball MLFB Dynasty H2H FanGraphs Points LIMA.MLFB February 25, 2024
Baseball Brent Bridwell Memorial Public League 131 H2H FanGraphs Points LIMA.BBMPL July 28, 2022
Baseball The Finer Things Club FanGraphs Points LIMA.FTC August 9, 2022
Football Trophy Hunters The Contender August 9, 2020
Football RED ZONE Muddy Helmets August 9, 2020
Football 12 Good Buddies Virtual Football Outfit October 10, 2023
Football The Realm of the North's ... Grizzlies December 31, 2023
Football Two Hand Touch Youngbloods January 1, 2024
Football Football. Youngbloods January 2, 2024
Football You Play To Win The Game!!! Kyler Murray's Revenge Tour January 7, 2024
Football Trophy Hunters The Contender January 20, 2024

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