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Note: We have baseball records starting October 18, 2015
Sport League Team Acquired
Baseball BIS & Friends FanGraphs Points The Big Unit's Mourning Dove February 1, 2019
Baseball Big Gulps, Huh? FanGraphs Points Monster Dove Club 🐷 February 13, 2021
Baseball Trans-Pacific Baseball League FanGraphs Points Gonny Jomes December 8, 2017
Baseball Bat FIPs and BABIPs FanGraphs Points Free Wily Mo Peña December 20, 2017
Baseball Major League Fantasy Baseball FanGraphs Points Ottobots and Decepti-wOBAcons October 6, 2021
Baseball The Great American Pastime FanGraphs Points Monongahela Crickets Mourning 🐷 April 10, 2021
Baseball Perfect Game Fantasy League Old School (5x5) Do Crickets Mourn Monongahela? 🐷 April 11, 2021
Baseball SMRT Ottoneu FanGraphs Points We Don't Talk About Bruno Haas January 7, 2022
Basketball NBA Hooligans God Shammgod is God October 12, 2021

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