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Note: We have baseball records starting October 18, 2015
Sport League Team Acquired
Baseball Imaginary Hammers Ottoneu Classic (4x4) Shane Victorino February 13, 2023
Baseball Flags Fly Forever FanGraphs Points Johnny Callison February 12, 2024
Baseball Fantastical Ottoneu Classic (4x4) Jamie Moyer January 7, 2023
Baseball Eephus All-Stars FanGraphs Points Brad Lidge January 25, 2024
Baseball Women and Whiskey Ottoneu Classic (4x4) Cliff Lee March 17, 2023
Baseball A Whole Neu Ballgame FanGraphs Points Pat Burrell February 1, 2022
Baseball Jobu Needs A Refill Ottoneu Classic (4x4) Dingaling Sniffy March 3, 2023
Baseball Spitballs and Fungoes FanGraphs Points Jayson Werth January 12, 2024
Baseball North American Fantasy Baseball FanGraphs Points Piskijikers February 1, 2023
Baseball Shea Stadium Old School (5x5) Grover Cleveland Alexander February 8, 2024
Baseball Stats N@ FanGraphs Points Del Unser January 7, 2024
Baseball SNK Crushers 👾 FanGraphs Points Carlos Ruiz February 7, 2024
Baseball PseudoHitters FanGraphs Points Dick Allen November 4, 2023
Baseball STS Readers League FanGraphs Points Matt Stairs February 19, 2023
Baseball Big Gulps, Huh? FanGraphs Points Mike Schmidt April 4, 2023
Baseball The Dynasty Division Old School (5x5) Garry Maddox February 16, 2024
Baseball Leisured Gentlemens League Ottoneu Classic (4x4) Harry Kalas December 16, 2023
Baseball Old Man TC's Old School Roto Old School (5x5) Richie Ashburn January 21, 2022
Baseball Living With fWAR FanGraphs Points Darren Daulton January 18, 2022
Baseball Plumbers and Pipefitters Local SABR Points Dick Sisler February 13, 2024
Baseball Auto News Alliance FanGraphs Points Larry Bowa January 10, 2023
Baseball Just A Bit Outside Old School (5x5) Granny Hamner February 12, 2024
Baseball Littleton’s Still Hitless FanGraphs Points Piskijikers February 3, 2023
Baseball The League SABR Points Roy Halladay January 18, 2022
Baseball World Baseball League Old School (5x5) Ryan Madson January 17, 2024
Baseball Pesäpallo FanGraphs Points Robin Roberts February 1, 2024
Baseball Evening Redness in the West FanGraphs Points Tug McGraw February 7, 2023
Baseball Ottoneu Parks and Rec League FanGraphs Points Steve Carlton February 24, 2023
Baseball RSNK 2.0 H2H FanGraphs Points Chase Utley February 6, 2023
Baseball 27 Outs Away Ottoneu Classic (4x4) Lonnie Smith November 12, 2022
Baseball Brent Bridwell Memorial Public League 131 H2H FanGraphs Points Del Ennis February 12, 2024
Baseball FOF (Fresh Ottoneu Faces) H2H FanGraphs Points Ryan Howard March 13, 2022
Baseball 2020 Tribute League Old School (5x5) Mickey Morandini February 10, 2023
Baseball The Finer Things Club FanGraphs Points Charlie Manuel January 18, 2024
Baseball Friendly Confines SABR Points Milt Thompson February 18, 2022
Baseball The League H2H FanGraphs Points John Kruk January 22, 2022
Baseball Always Late the Party H2H SABR Points Jimmy Rollins February 23, 2023
Baseball Armchair GMs Old School (5x5) Bake McBride January 26, 2022
Baseball A Midsummers Night Classic FanGraphs Points Rick Wise February 18, 2024
Baseball Class of 2021 FanGraphs Points Larry Andersen January 15, 2023
Baseball Cha Cha Real Smooth 🕺 FanGraphs Points Jim Eisenreich February 28, 2023
Baseball The Hardball Association H2H FanGraphs Points Yatta February 28, 2024

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