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Imaginary Hammers


Setting Value
ID 28
Established February 14, 2011
Description 4x4 established 2011 by Byron ("Pillar of Teeth") and a bunch of strangers. Friends brought in and internet friendships made along
Number of Teams 12
Tier $20.00
Private League? No
Scoring System ottoneu Classic (4x4)
Playoffs? None
Auction Draft Date March 1, 2020 7:00 PM (Full Calendar)
Lineups Daily
Arbitration Allocation System
Trade Wait Period 24 hours
Commissioner(s) The Rime of Jamie Moyer 

Commissioner Note

Hey all, arbitration is underway, so a reminder that you can input and edit your allocations at any time between now and 11/15. Go ahead and put some initial work into that, and we can all watch how it is shaping up. By the end you must allocate $1-3 to each team and $25 total for it to count.

I'd also like to confirm who is or isn't coming back for 2020, so we can find replacement owners to do arb. You can let me know to expect you to return by any of the following:
(1) Allocate your arbitration dollars
(2) Send me a message or email saying you're back
(3) Post in the league chat
(4) Pay your $20.00 to "Extend your dynasty!"

You can let me know if you're not coming back -- as one team already has -- by messaging me.

We'll be needing at least one new manager, hopefully not too many more, so if you think of anyone who would like to join in on the fun, get them in touch with me. They might want to wait to see what teams are available before picking which one to take over.

Confirmed/Presumed in (9):
Rime of Jamie Moyer
Can't Cutch This
Cub Your Enthusiasm
Roar from 34
Roberto Big Piece
Smoak and Mirrors
St. Neubauten
Walker Buehler's Off Days

Confirmed out (1):
Blake Street Bunters

Waiting on (2):
Carlos Perez's K-Dance (Where you at, champ??)
Last updated November 4, 2019