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Note: We have baseball records starting October 18, 2015
Sport League Team Acquired
Baseball PseudoHitters FanGraphs Points Uncle Buck March 10, 2022
Baseball Leisured Gentlemens League Ottoneu Classic (4x4) South Side Bad Boys October 16, 2022
Baseball Living With fWAR FanGraphs Points Youth Authority Home February 10, 2024
Baseball Best Coast League 🌊 FanGraphs Points Tumbleweed Futures March 30, 2022
Baseball Ottoneudist Colony Old School (5x5) BeefBoys ’n Flamethrowers Local 708 October 9, 2023
Baseball World Baseball League Old School (5x5) Voidbringers February 18, 2022
Baseball RSNK 2.0 H2H FanGraphs Points Zombie Runner February 5, 2023
Baseball Trash Talk and Trades Old School (5x5) Vandelay Industries February 17, 2022
Baseball The League H2H FanGraphs Points Minnetonka Moonstompers February 12, 2024

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