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Note: We have baseball records starting October 18, 2015
Sport League Team Acquired
Baseball B. Selig Blue Ribbon Glee Club SABR Points 🍁Votto's RCMP October 16, 2023
Baseball This is Fantasy Baseball FanGraphs Points VLS-Votto's Last Stand October 12, 2023
Baseball ⚾ When It Was A Game ⚾ (726) FanGraphs Points Votto's Revenge Tour November 11, 2023
Baseball 💥 27 OUT CONGLOMERATE 💥 FanGraphs Points VLS2 - Votto's Last Stand October 11, 2023
Baseball Ottoneu Parks and Rec League FanGraphs Points 🍁Votto's Revenge Tour February 7, 2024
Baseball Texas Dynasty FanGraphs Points Avalanche ⚾ April 6, 2023
Baseball Locked In League 🔒 FanGraphs Points Votto's Last Stand🍁 October 18, 2023
Baseball Where Did the Categories Go? FanGraphs Points Votto's Last Stand ⚾ October 10, 2023
Football League of Extraordinary Gents Jerry Jones' Sinking Ship August 6, 2023
Football Rust Belt League K1SinceDayOne August 17, 2023
Basketball Bouncy Balls WorldBFree For 3 July 10, 2023

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