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Jim Smith

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Active Teams

Note: We have baseball ownership records starting October 18, 2015
Sport League Team Acquired
Baseball A Whole Neu Ballgame FanGraphs Points Quasi Mutos October 18, 2015
Baseball Best Coast League 🌊 FanGraphs Points Yadier Mimes 🤡 🤡 🤡 October 18, 2015
Baseball North American Fantasy Baseball FanGraphs Points Houston Can Bangers 🗑️ March 17, 2016
Baseball SNK Crushers 👾 FanGraphs Points Blundering A's November 22, 2016
Baseball Wine and Freese Platter FanGraphs Points Almost Giants December 24, 2017
Baseball MLFB Dynasty H2H FanGraphs Points Electric Altuve 👕 March 27, 2018
Baseball MVP Baseball 2005 FanGraphs Points Goose Eggs Odorizzi October 29, 2018
Baseball 3OH3 FanGraphs Points Vegan Ham Fighters November 11, 2018
Baseball Brent Bridwell Memorial Public League 131 H2H FanGraphs Points KC Commoners December 10, 2018
Baseball Living With fWAR FanGraphs Points Socrates Burrito February 16, 2019
Baseball The Sandlot FanGraphs Points Montreal Repos May 22, 2019
Baseball FOF (Fresh Ottoneu Faces) H2H FanGraphs Points Holey Sox !!! 🐄 February 25, 2020
Baseball Leisured Gentlemen's League II H2H FanGraphs Points Hype City Nebula March 14, 2020
Baseball Last Minute League FanGraphs Points Machado About Nothing October 26, 2020

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