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Note: We have baseball records starting October 18, 2015
Sport League Team Acquired
Baseball Tastes good with white wine FanGraphs Points Cinéma Vérité March 17, 2019
Baseball Wine and Freese Platter FanGraphs Points Kids These Days August 23, 2021
Baseball Anyone but the Rangers in '24 FanGraphs Points Big Science November 26, 2019
Baseball League Of Bleacher Executives Old School (5x5) Candy Apple Greys February 11, 2019
Baseball Dynasty Minds FanGraphs Points Manitoba Goldeyes November 12, 2019
Baseball Big Gulps, Huh? FanGraphs Points Postmodernist Blues March 1, 2019
Baseball Indigem Old School (5x5) The Raw and the Cooked February 10, 2021
Baseball 3OH3 FanGraphs Points Very Slow Horses February 22, 2023
Baseball Old Man TC's Old School Roto Old School (5x5) Unwatched Pots March 18, 2020
Baseball Living With fWAR FanGraphs Points The Long Goodbye February 23, 2023
Baseball Gentlemanly Pursuits Old School (5x5) Manitoba Bluegrass February 24, 2019
Baseball Ottoneudist Colony Old School (5x5) Prairie Suns March 25, 2019
Baseball Harold Reynolds Superstar FanGraphs Points Brokedown Palace February 15, 2022
Baseball The Captains Table Old School (5x5) Rough House Blues February 10, 2019
Baseball Dozen Eggheads of Fantasy FanGraphs Points Free Range Manitoba Reds October 27, 2021
Baseball Just A Bit Outside Old School (5x5) St. James Infirmary October 25, 2019
Baseball World Baseball League Old School (5x5) Brandon Combines February 15, 2019
Baseball Ottoneu Parks and Rec League FanGraphs Points Eggs and Milk All Night September 21, 2019
Baseball Not so New to Neu Old School (5x5) Prairie Hurricanes November 14, 2019
Baseball It's Otto Here FanGraphs Points High Heel Sneakers September 27, 2021
Baseball A Midsummers Night Classic FanGraphs Points Ill Met By Moonlight July 2, 2021
Baseball Dinger Derby FanGraphs Points Quick and the DFAed April 2, 2022

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