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⚾ When It Was A Game ⚾ (726)


Setting Value
ID 726
Established November 26, 2016
Description Please message me on Slack @kennypowers if you have an urgent issue.
Number of Teams 12
Tier $75.00
Private League? Yes
Scoring System FanGraphs Points
Playoffs? None
Auction Draft Date March 19, 2020 6:00 PM (Full Calendar)
Lineups Daily
Arbitration Allocation System
Trade Wait Period 24 hours
Commissioner(s) Kenny Powers 4️⃣  The Musial Suspects 

Commissioner Note

There are no special bylaws for this league but I do have a few things I will not allow, which I am sure are in the consensus.

1. Your team should not be RED (illegal state) more than 48 hours. If it is, I will issue a warning and give you another day before that player(s) is returned to FA pool. Same thing for players who are no longer 60-DL eligible--the 60-day DL player will be cut from your team.

2. At the end of season (and towards the end), your team must be valid and within your team's salary cap and number of allowable players (basically 40 + the number of rostered 60-DL players). I will first try and work with you to cut salary/players. If you are unwilling to do this, see #1 above.

3. No name calling in public message board. No need to be vulgar at all. Everyone paid to be in the league, nobody wants to deal with that. Keep it clean and fun.

4. I will not cancel a trade unless the owners let me know it was accepted by accident. Therefore, everyone needs to vote on trades that they think are cheating/collusion or really, really bad. Ottoneu has a voting system and I will not circumvent it, unless it looks like clear cheating AND the voting did not reach quorum (i.e., less than number required for a veto +2 (the +2 is to offset the teams involved in trade who are allowed to vote)).

5. Be active. I understand if you are a rebuilding team and do not log in every day. But you still need to check stuff out and respond to messages occasionally. I will not unilaterally enforce minimal IPs or GPs, but you should still try to be active and not be one of the teams who are "rebuilding" for three years from now every season. I won't tell anyone how to run their team, but you could do many things more fun for your $75 entry fee than being THAT team perennially.

6. Anything else here will come from a league vote from the majority of owners.
Last updated October 16, 2019