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The Sam Miller Happy Fun Zone


Setting Value
ID 72
Established February 18, 2011
Number of Teams 12
Tier $20.00
Private League? No
Scoring System Ottoneu Classic (4x4)
Playoffs? None
Auction Draft Date TBD
Lineups Daily
Arbitration Vote Off System
Trade Wait Period 24 hours
Commissioner(s) Gas House Gorillas 

Commissioner Note

Congratulations to the Bridgeport Bombers! The Bombers ran away with the championship this season, winning by 22 points which is A) nuts, and B) the most I can recall anyone winning by. It's quite an accomplishment! Well done.

I also want to thank everyone for playing this year. I know it was a strange year, but it was, for me at least, fun to have this to do and look forward to even in the midst of the craziness going on in the world. So I appreciate everyone who played and made this Ottoneu season fun.

Congrats also to Sultans of Statcast and Wolffhardt for finishing second and third, respectively. Maybe next year you'll make it to the first paragraph.

A couple things: Arbitration is coming up, which is basically the time to start setting your roster for next season. If anyone has any questions about how the off-season progresses, here's the FAQ on it:
I'll be in touch as the off-season moves on with the occasional email, but please don't count on me reminding you of things. Keeping up with the (very occasional) deadlines is on you.

The only other thing is don't forget to renew your team for the 2021 season with Ottoneu. It's a good group we have here, very engaged and well behaved and I'm hopeful we can keep everyone together and bring the whole league back for 2021.

Thanks for playing and don't hesitate to reach out to me if you have any questions.

Be safe everyone!
-Matt (Commissioner)
Last updated September 28, 2020