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Auction Draft Results

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Team Player Price
Springfield Nuclear Plant Softball Francisco Lindor $28
Greendale Human Beings Christian Yelich $18
Barry Zito's Roommate Tony Gonsolin $7
Springfield Nuclear Plant Softball Ryan McMahon $13
Greendale Human Beings Mitch Garver $7
Springfield Nuclear Plant Softball Kenley Jansen $11
⚾🦆Quack of the Bat🦆⚾ Max Kepler $12
Barry Zito's Roommate Giancarlo Stanton $15
Springfield Nuclear Plant Softball Seiya Suzuki $21
Springfield Nuclear Plant Softball Aroldis Chapman $9
Springfield Nuclear Plant Softball Clayton Kershaw $14
Barry Zito's Roommate DJ LeMahieu $9
Greendale Human Beings Jake Cousins $3
Barry Zito's Roommate Paul Sewald $8
Greendale Human Beings Raisel Iglesias $15
Francisco Lindor Truffles Eduardo Escobar $9
Springfield Nuclear Plant Softball Camilo Doval $10
Call Me Daddy AJ Pollock $8
Springfield Nuclear Plant Softball Nelson Cruz $6
Barry Zito's Roommate Javier Baez $19
Crab Key Dragons Anthony Rizzo $8
Hector Nerds Jose Urquidy $9
Crab Key Dragons Carlos Correa $29
Greendale Human Beings German Marquez $10
⚾🦆Quack of the Bat🦆⚾ Luke Jackson $2
⚾🦆Quack of the Bat🦆⚾ Cristian Javier $7
Barry Zito's Roommate Matt Chapman $11
Springfield Nuclear Plant Softball Michael Brantley $8
Call Me Daddy Mike Zunino $6
Hector Nerds Josh Donaldson $7
⚾🦆Quack of the Bat🦆⚾ Chris Taylor $12
Pawnee Li'l Sebastians Jeff Mcneil $12
Zizzers Eugenio Suarez $9
The Ace Rothstein Dancers Kolten Wong $3
Greendale Human Beings Akil Baddoo $7
Crab Key Dragons Mike Soroka $2
⚾🦆Quack of the Bat🦆⚾ Reid Detmers $3
Barry Zito's Roommate Marco Gonzales $4
Springfield Nuclear Plant Softball Nick Gonzales $1
Crab Key Dragons Andrew McCutchen $7
Zizzers Cavan Biggio $6
Crab Key Dragons Charlie Blackmon $5
Greendale Human Beings Enrique Hernandez $9
Barry Zito's Roommate Dinelson Lamet $6
Zizzers Marcell Ozuna $2
The Ace Rothstein Dancers Nick Madrigal $4
Greendale Human Beings Miguel Sano $5
Barry Zito's Roommate Aaron Bummer $5
⚾🦆Quack of the Bat🦆⚾ Tylor Megill $1
Bound for Glory Zack Greinke $5
Springfield Nuclear Plant Softball Travis d'Arnaud $6
Call Me Daddy Tommy Pham $6
Hector Nerds Isiah Kiner-Falefa $6
Zizzers Gary Sanchez $8
Crab Key Dragons Adam Frazier $2
Pawnee Li'l Sebastians Daniel Hudson $4
Francisco Lindor Truffles Kyle Hendricks $4
Bound for Glory Zach Plesac $4
Greendale Human Beings Nick Martinez $1
Barry Zito's Roommate Vidal Brujan $4
⚾🦆Quack of the Bat🦆⚾ Art Warren $5
Hector Nerds Chad Green $7
Springfield Nuclear Plant Softball Tejay Antone $5
Call Me Daddy Yimi Garcia $3
Bound for Glory Jeter Downs $1
Crab Key Dragons Carlos Carrasco $4
Crab Key Dragons Jean Segura $6
Greendale Human Beings Luke Voit $6
The Ace Rothstein Dancers Bailey Ober $3
Greendale Human Beings Orelvis Martinez $1
Bound for Glory Kyle Lewis $4
Zizzers Andrew Kittredge $6
Springfield Nuclear Plant Softball Mitch Keller $1
Francisco Lindor Truffles Patrick Wisdom $9
Hector Nerds Patrick Corbin $7
Francisco Lindor Truffles Alex Reyes $1
Francisco Lindor Truffles Brandon Crawford $6
Crab Key Dragons Hyun Jin Ryu $6
The Ace Rothstein Dancers Rowdy Tellez $1
Barry Zito's Roommate Anthony Santander $5
Bound for Glory Anthony Bender $3
Call Me Daddy Collin McHugh $5
Bound for Glory MacKenzie Gore $3
Francisco Lindor Truffles Aaron Civale $1
Francisco Lindor Truffles Danny Jansen $4
Hector Nerds Abraham Toro $6
The Ace Rothstein Dancers Pedro León $1
Barry Zito's Roommate Adbert Alzolay $3
Barry Zito's Roommate Adam Cimber $3
Call Me Daddy Jake Diekman $1
Barry Zito's Roommate David Fletcher $3
Barry Zito's Roommate Kyle Finnegan $4
Bound for Glory Ryan Jeffers $5
Hector Nerds Jose Quintana $1
Bound for Glory Josh Staumont $3
Francisco Lindor Truffles Corey Kluber $4
Call Me Daddy Hector Neris $6
Barry Zito's Roommate Dominic Smith $3
Bound for Glory Lou Trivino $5
Crab Key Dragons Kevin Smith $3
Hector Nerds Adam Duvall $6
The Ace Rothstein Dancers Andres Gimenez $1
Barry Zito's Roommate Tom Murphy $3
Bound for Glory Ryan Yarbrough $2
Call Me Daddy Gavin Sheets $3
Bound for Glory Myles Straw $2
Bound for Glory Yandy Diaz $2
Crab Key Dragons Zach Eflin $2
Bound for Glory A.J. Puk $4
Barry Zito's Roommate Jose Barrero $1
Bound for Glory Tyler Rogers $2
Call Me Daddy Andy Ibanez $1
Bound for Glory Nick Senzel $1
Crab Key Dragons Pierce Johnson $2
Crab Key Dragons Drew Steckenrider $1
Hector Nerds Ha-seong Kim $1
Zizzers Matthew Boyd $1
Call Me Daddy Tyler Naquin $3
Bound for Glory Connor Joe $1
Francisco Lindor Truffles Aaron Hicks $1
Crab Key Dragons Andrew Chafin $1
Zizzers Alex Colomé $1
Call Me Daddy Mike Mayers $1
Bound for Glory Corey Dickerson $1
Call Me Daddy Joc Pederson $4
Crab Key Dragons Trevor May $1
Zizzers Chris Stratton $1
Call Me Daddy Luis Torrens $1
Francisco Lindor Truffles Jose Alvarado $1
Zizzers Amir Garrett $1
Call Me Daddy Drew Ellis $1
Zizzers J.P. Crawford $2
Zizzers Aaron Loup $1
Francisco Lindor Truffles Didi Gregorius $1
Zizzers Diego Castillo $1
Francisco Lindor Truffles Wade Miley $1
Francisco Lindor Truffles Brad Miller $2
Francisco Lindor Truffles Tony Kemp $1
Zizzers Garrett Cooper $1
Francisco Lindor Truffles Austin Nola $1
Zizzers Tommy La Stella $1
Francisco Lindor Truffles Ramon Urias $1
Zizzers Mike Minor $1
Francisco Lindor Truffles Jameson Taillon $1
Francisco Lindor Truffles Yusei Kikuchi $1
Francisco Lindor Truffles Brady Singer $1
Francisco Lindor Truffles Mike Moustakas $1
Francisco Lindor Truffles Jesus Aguilar $1
Francisco Lindor Truffles Brian Anderson $1