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Mos Eisley Rodian Raiders gives up...

Player NameSalary
Kenley Jansen LAD RP R  $16
Aroldis Chapman NYY RP L  $17
Has $-71 free, will have $-43 free

How about something along these lines? You upgrade from Britton to Janssen and add Chapman for a marginal cost difference of $27. If we assume Chapman's probably worth $25ish in the auction, that means you're getting him for a fair price without giving up any talent, and paying $2 to go from Britton to Janssen, and losing nothing else off your roster for the right to make those RP upgrades. I clear cap room, which is probably more necessary for me than adding talent right now.

The Musial Suspects gives up...

Player NameSalary
Zack Britton NYY RP L 60IL $5
Has $16 free, will have $-12 free

Yup, I feel comfortable with this deal. Thanks.

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