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50K Ottoneu Leagues under the Sea 💯


Setting Value
ID 100
Established February 25, 2011
Description We are the 100th league. Going strong since 2011, and we do not have a trade deadline.
Number of Teams 12
Tier $20.00
Private League? No
Scoring System FanGraphs Points
Playoffs? None
OPL Eligible? Yes
Auction Draft Date February 28, 2024 9:00 PM EST Full Calendar
Lineups Daily
Arbitration Allocation System
Trade Wait Period 24 hours
Commissioner(s) WAR Horse 🦄  Catz 

Commissioner Note

Franchise Tag Proposal for League 100.
Original Idea by Joe Catz
Presented by Tom Oltarzewski and Miguel Griffey
Franchise Tag is the ability to freeze the cost of a player (after league inflation) to his current salary at the end of the season. This is an incentive for active owners who are in the midst of a rebuilding of their rosters. The goal is to propel teams from the bottom of the standings by allowing those owners to control the price of players they consider solid contributors. The system is also designed to avoid players from tanking, and be more engaged in accumulating points the entire season.
At the end of each season, owners who have won franchise tags will designate the players(s) they wish to tag. These players will be ineligible for arbitration allocations - any arbitration dollars allocated to a franchise tagged player will be removed by the commissioners.
This is the criteria for owners to achieve Franchise Tags:
At the end of the season (beginning with the 2017 season), each owner must reach at least 1450 innings pitched, and average more than 150 Games Played per position (resulting in a grand total of 1800 total games or higher)*, in order to be eligible to receive Franchise Tags.
Teams should aim to max out all their games and innings. This will ensure that a team that falls short of the maximum should still fall within the accepted limits of 1800 games and 1450 innings. Owners should be wary of aiming for the lower end of each threshold, which may result in falling short and being disqualified from franchise tags if an unexpected situation further depletes their team.

To be eligible for a franchise tag, a player must be rostered prior to the annual auction and stay on your roster the entire year. Players added via auction, trade, waiver wire or reacquired after being dropped are not eligible. Players may not be tagged in consecutive seasons.

Franchise Tags will take place after league inflation, and prior to arbitration.

The following chart shows how the Franchise Tags will be awarded:
18,500 - AND BEYOND
17,000 - 18,499.9
15,500 - 16,999.9

Team Performance Review.
Each team will be subject to a review by the commissioners to ensure that both their Innings Pitched and Games Played are in compliance, in order to be considered for Franchise Tags.
The Commissioners will create a document with the names of all franchised players entering the 2018 season, which will be distributed prior to arbitration in the winter of 2017.
Last updated October 5, 2020