Ottoneu Fantasy Football -Rosters And Scoring
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Rosters and Scoring

ottoneu Fantasy Football has 3 standard scoring options and 4 standard roster options.

Roster Options

There are Flex, 2 Flex, Superflex, and Superflex+Flex position options in ottoneu Fantasy Football. Flex positions can be filled by WR, RB or TE. Superflex positions can be filled by QB, RB, WR or TE position.

Position Number
QB 1
RB 2
WR 2
TE 1
K 1
Flex 1 or 2
Superflex 0 or 1

Scoring Options

The only difference between the scoring options are the number of points per reception (PPR). You can play with no PPR, 0.5 PPR, or 1 PPR.

Statistic Points
Pass Yd 0.04
Pass TD 4
Pass INT -2
Pass 2pt Conv. 1
Rush Yd 0.1
Rush TD 6
Rush 2pt Conv. 2
Receptions 0, 0.5 or 1.0
Recv. YD 0.1
Recv. TD 6
Recv. 2pt Conv. 2
Fumble Lost -2
Missed FG -1
FG 0-39 3
FG 40-49 4
FG 50+ 5
Missed XP -1
Made XP 1

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