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Note: We have baseball records starting October 18, 2015
Sport League Team Acquired
Baseball Classy Gentlemen Old School (5x5) πŸ’£ The Home Rums / 9 Unit πŸ’£ November 2, 2019
Baseball Three Tool Front Office FanGraphs Points πŸ“ˆ VORP Speed πŸ“ˆ February 10, 2022
Baseball Good Sir Timmy FanGraphs Points 🐝 The Murder Hornets 🐝 October 11, 2021
Baseball Foulballs Old School (5x5) 🎯 The Lone Gunmen v2.0 🎯 March 1, 2022
Baseball Atomic Fantasy Old School (5x5) ♾️ The Axiom of Royce ♾️ February 9, 2020
Baseball A Midsummers Night Classic FanGraphs Points 🐻 Wet Teddy Bears 🐻 July 1, 2021
Football Bham Bolts/Steeldogs/Barracuda Concussed Rodeo Clowns August 9, 2020
Football Two Hand Touch Concussed Rodeo Clowns July 30, 2021
Football Trophy Hunters Fancy Dogs and Lads April 10, 2022
Basketball Mendoza Hoops League Giannis Alphabet September 14, 2021

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