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Note: We have baseball records starting October 18, 2015
Sport League Team Acquired
Baseball Fantastical Ottoneu Classic (4x4) Optimistic Fantasy January 6, 2022
Baseball Eephus All-Stars FanGraphs Points The 14th Fantasy Vibes January 7, 2023
Baseball BIS & Friends FanGraphs Points Bill Burr Life Advice Compilations December 27, 2022
Baseball Shea Stadium Old School (5x5) Waterproof Wool Socks November 23, 2022
Baseball Wine and Freese Platter FanGraphs Points Positive Fantasy Vibes October 7, 2022
Baseball SNK Crushers 👾 FanGraphs Points The 15th Act January 28, 2023
Baseball League Of Bleacher Executives Old School (5x5) Hanes Boxer Briefs March 16, 2022
Baseball Some Dudes FanGraphs Points Breathable Cotton Vibes February 13, 2022
Baseball We Play For Keeps Old School (5x5) Just Fun Vibes October 16, 2022
Baseball Old Man TC's Old School Roto Old School (5x5) The Thirteenth Vibe December 31, 2022
Baseball Ottoneudist Colony Old School (5x5) Ottoholic January 29, 2023
Baseball Just A Bit Outside Old School (5x5) Texas Vibes October 21, 2022
Baseball Evening Redness in the West FanGraphs Points Ottoholic February 6, 2023
Baseball Ottoneu 5x5 dynasty Old School (5x5) Rocky Mountain Vibes November 10, 2021
Baseball The Great American Pastime FanGraphs Points Texas Wranglers Relaxed Fit November 9, 2021
Baseball Armchair GMs Old School (5x5) Texas Optimistic Vibes December 3, 2022
Baseball Mendoza Baseball League FanGraphs Points Optimistic Vibes October 16, 2022
Baseball World Series Old School (5x5) Healthy Scratched January 21, 2023

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