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Note: We have baseball records starting October 18, 2015
Sport League Team Acquired
Baseball Last Minute League FanGraphs Points Otto Nine May 6, 2021
Baseball Diamond Bag Heads H2H FanGraphs Points ⚾Otto Seven⚾ May 30, 2021
Baseball Old School Roto Old School (5x5) Bruiser's Keepers March 26, 2021
Baseball The League H2H FanGraphs Points Otto Two April 1, 2021
Baseball Did It All for the Rookies FanGraphs Points Otto Three April 9, 2021
Baseball Better Late Than Never H2H FanGraphs Points Buy Low Sell High April 15, 2021
Baseball Always Late the Party H2H SABR Points Why Not One More April 29, 2021
Baseball Armchair GMs Old School (5x5) ⚾Otto Six⚾ May 3, 2021
Baseball A Midsummers Night Classic FanGraphs Points Otto Eight July 2, 2021

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