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Note: We have baseball records starting October 18, 2015
Sport League Team Acquired
Baseball Fourteenth Inning Stretch FanGraphs Points ⚾️Otto Ten⚾️ February 11, 2022
Baseball Stats N@ FanGraphs Points Otto Nine February 3, 2022
Baseball MVP Baseball 2005 FanGraphs Points ⚾️Otto Five⚾️ November 6, 2021
Baseball 3OH3 FanGraphs Points Otto Four October 22, 2021
Baseball Ottoneu 1.06 FanGraphs Points Otto Seven January 11, 2022
Baseball Evening Redness in the West FanGraphs Points Otto Eleven February 20, 2022
Baseball Masters of WAR FanGraphs Points Otto Thirteen March 8, 2022
Baseball The League H2H FanGraphs Points Otto Two April 1, 2021
Baseball Did It All for the Rookies FanGraphs Points ⚾️Otto Three⚾️ April 9, 2021
Baseball Better Late Than Never H2H FanGraphs Points ⚾️Otto Twelve⚾️ April 15, 2021
Baseball Armchair GMs Old School (5x5) ⚾Otto Six⚾ May 3, 2021
Baseball A Midsummers Night Classic FanGraphs Points ⚾️Otto Eight⚾️ July 2, 2021
Baseball Class of 2021 FanGraphs Points Otto 2021 December 2, 2021
Football D/ST Wins Championships Otto Sixteen August 3, 2022
Football League of Extraordinary Gents Otto Eighteen August 21, 2022
Football Dingleberry Circus Otto Seventeen September 3, 2022
Basketball The 1st Otto Hoops League Chip Baskets'Balls September 11, 2021
Basketball Fool's Gold Dale Baskets'Balls October 6, 2021
Basketball Sabo Hoops Christine Baskets'Balls October 16, 2021
Basketball Barkley Is A National Treasure Otto Twenty September 11, 2022
Basketball NBA Jam Otto Twenty-Two September 17, 2022
Basketball Bouncy Balls Otto Nineteen September 19, 2022
Basketball Flint Michigan MegaBowl Otto Twenty-One September 22, 2022

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