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Note: We have baseball ownership records starting October 18, 2015
Sport League Team Acquired
Baseball Infield Fly Rule FanGraphs Points Spuddy 🐾 November 11, 2016
Baseball Fantasy Field of Dreams FanGraphs Points The Spuds πŸ₯” January 21, 2017
Baseball Fantasy Field of Dreams ⚾ (32) FanGraphs Points Spuds and Zucchini πŸ₯” October 9, 2017
Baseball The I 94 Rivalry of Ottoneu FanGraphs Points πŸ’ The Cherries πŸ’ February 15, 2018
Baseball The Champagne Room FanGraphs Points Spud 🐾 November 18, 2018
Baseball Opening Day! FanGraphs Points The Spudders πŸ₯” February 22, 2019
Baseball The Show FanGraphs Points The Greatest Spuddy πŸ₯” October 1, 2019
Baseball Ottoneu Champions πŸ†Division B FanGraphs Points Spuddy of the Year πŸ₯” October 6, 2019
Football Never Punt Zucchini Bread 🍞 May 6, 2018
Football Ottoneu Expert's League Air Spud πŸ₯” August 19, 2019
Football Football. Spuddays πŸ₯” September 4, 2019

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