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Note: We have baseball ownership records starting October 18, 2015
Sport League Team Acquired
Baseball A Whole Neu Ballgame FanGraphs Points Iorg You Glad I Didn't Say Tanana? October 18, 2015
Baseball 90% Mental SABR Points Knebel Gazers February 19, 2016
Baseball 5x5 Roto Dynasty League Old School (5x5) lackey dot gif February 21, 2019
Baseball 108 Stitches FanGraphs Points Brusdar's Millions March 13, 2019
Baseball Ottoneu Premier League H2H FanGraphs Points 66 Days Hard Gleyber January 17, 2020
Football Three Yards & a Cloud of Lust Jordy! Jordi! Jordé! June 7, 2016

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