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Note: We have baseball records starting October 18, 2015
Sport League Team Acquired
Baseball Money League Baseball FanGraphs Points Pulp Daddy January 18, 2019
Baseball Dynasty Minds FanGraphs Points Big in Japan May 21, 2019
Baseball Stable Baseball Geniuses H2H FanGraphs Points 31 Lengths July 27, 2021
Baseball The Dirty Dozen H2H FanGraphs Points BeBop November 29, 2019
Baseball Ottonouveau H2H FanGraphs Points The High Priest of Bop February 17, 2018
Baseball MidCoast Theatre League H2H FanGraphs Points Eulipions March 17, 2019
Baseball Welcome to the Show H2H FanGraphs Points El Duque March 12, 2018
Baseball Brent Bridwell Memorial Public League 131 H2H FanGraphs Points 5000lb.Man December 27, 2019
Baseball A Beehive Under 3rd Base FanGraphs Points Blue Monk October 18, 2021
Baseball Cat's Cradle FanGraphs Points Blue Note October 2, 2020

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