Ottobot Podcast Ep. 23: Offseason Q&A | Get some swag and support Ottoneu

Burning Baseballs gives up...

Player NameSalary
Tony Watson FA RP L $3
Has $90 free, will have $88 free

Looks like you could use a solid set-up guy. If you don't want to part with Lest maybe someone else on your bench. Can also offer you someone like Puig to help on the power side if you could part with Hosmer.

AIRheads gives up...

Player NameSalary
Jon Lester FA SP L  $5
Has $74 free, will have $76 free

sorry for the slow response but if you're still interested in this trade, let's do it

The league has approved this trade

Approved: 0 Vetoed: 0 Abstained: 12