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Third Degree Burnes 🔥 gives up...

Player NameSalary
Nick Anderson TBR RP R 60IL $5
Outgoing Loan $6
Has $18 free, will have $5 free

my loan to you is 6 in this trade bc it returns 13 to you for loan from original trade, but then is partially offset by the $7 you would send me to even out salaries - leading to a net of 6. You end up at 29 free i end up at 5 free, like how it was going into the original trade. summary w/o shenanigans: nick anderson for j james, j hicks, m meyer + 7 loan (for cap balance)

La Pantera gives up...

Player NameSalary
Josh James HOU RP R 60IL $6
Jordan Hicks STL AAA SP/RP R  $5
Max Meyer MIA AAA SP R $1
Has $16 free, will have $29 free

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