Baseball Prizes Update 12/1

Long Gone gives up...

Player NameSalary
Jose Urquidy HOU SP/RP R $8
Brandon Lowe TBR 2B L $10
Has $-73 free, will have $-91 free

Welcome to the league! Lowe @$10 has outhit Vlad for past two years and plays a difficult to fill position. Even at $28, still have to say I'd like Vlad on my team if this is the year he puts it together. Can't ignore Lowes' value though. McKay is injured but i'd take a shot on him to help offset. No interest in Cruz -is he on medicare yet?? Schoop I had to pay $13 for at auction. That's how desperate the situation was at MI (and why Lowe is so valuable). I cant give up 2 MIs so I subbed a pitch

Jamie Moyer gives up...

Player NameSalary
Vladimir Guerrero Jr. TOR 1B R $28
Brendan McKay TBR AAA RP L MILB 60IL $8
Has $-59 free, will have $-41 free

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