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lots of nectar gives up...

Player NameSalary
Matt Garza FA RP R $11
Freddie Freeman ATL 1B L  $14
Rafael Betancourt FA RP R $4
Has $76 free, will have $100 free

my thoughts. Salary shouldn't be a major concern for you after you make some cuts (i.e. Laynce Nix). Your team is sold but you have holes at 1B and RP. This trade would help with that and give you another solid SP. Hill had a career year, but with Utley and Cano on your roster he may expendable. Seems like a good trade for both of us. If your not interested I respect that. If you hate me and wish I would stop proposing trades to you, let me know by responding in the little box after you reject

Mudville 2021 gives up...

Player NameSalary
Aaron Hill FA Util R $5
Has $4 free, will have $-20 free

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