Changes to two-way players starting next season

Graham's Neubies gives up...

Player NameSalary
Matt Wieters FA Util S $1
Dustin Pedroia BOS AAA Util R $14
Has $0 free, will have $19 free

I'm seeing Pedroia worth $19 and Gattis worth at most $9 (before Astros announced he will play only a little more than the typical backup catcher). Splitting the difference gives us $14 cash, and even so I'm gambling that an Astro gets hurt and gives Gattis some playing time. Add $2 for Wieters, who has decent upside at that price point and gives you a solid backup with lots of playing time.

The Blowfish gives up...

Player NameSalary
Evan Gattis FA Util R $12
Outgoing Loan $16
Has $131 free, will have $112 free

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