Ottobot ep. 20: Rebuilding FA Targets | Get some swag and support Ottoneu

Cubby Bears gives up...

Player NameSalary
Brendan McKay TBR SP L DTD $8
Outgoing Loan $0
Has $42 free, will have $44 free

I need another OF, I have plenty of young pitching.

Spa City Thoroughbreds gives up...

Player NameSalary
Kyle Tucker HOU OF L  $6
Outgoing Loan $0
Has $44 free, will have $42 free

I like Tucker and usually don’t trade position players for pitchers straight up due to pitchers getting hurt so often. But I like McKay a lot and the only way to plan a pitching staff is to accumulate as many pitchers as possible hoping 75% stay healthy. Why not?

The league has approved this trade

Approved: 2 Vetoed: 0 Abstained: 10