Paying for Ottoneu out of Prizes

Skiing with Dynamite gives up...

Player NameSalary
Josh Lowe TBR OF L OUT $5
Elly De La Cruz CIN SS/3B S $7
Andrew Abbott CIN SP L  $3
Christian Encarnacion-Strand CIN 1B R $7
Has $77 free, will have $68 free

(Don't know if you saw my note, but Grayson has no price - he's not available). I don't really want to give up CES because I see him as my only viable 1B with MLB exp, but I think Manzardo is immediately viable on call-up , so I do have a price for CES - it might just be a little high. I think in my asking for both pitchers in this offer, I need to offer one back with high upside but lots of risk, and Abbott is definitely that. We could streamline this deal by taking CES out and subtracting from

Ann Arbor Maizie's gives up...

Player NameSalary
Marcus Stroman NYY SP R $10
Joe Musgrove SDP SP R  $16
Jonah Heim TEX C S $5
Has $-13 free, will have $-4 free

Understand about Grayson -- I think this is fair as is. Pleasure doing business and good luck heading into this next season.

The league has approved this trade

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