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Crazy Birds gives up...

Player NameSalary
Outgoing Loan $1
Has $43 free, will have $37 free

I can't do $3, that makes him a $9 player to me. For an unproven prospect/MLB player, that's a lot. I can do this or I guess, we don't have a deal. That still makes him a $7 player for me. I know that isn't a huge haul. But it does get $6 off your books. I was able to get Jazz Chisholm for $1 plus $2 loan. No worries either way.

Storming the Castillo gives up...

Player NameSalary
Brendan Rodgers COL 2B/SS R  $5
Has $5 free, will have $11 free

Sure, that works

The league has approved this trade

Approved: 2 Vetoed: 0 Abstained: 10