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NESARA gives up...

Player NameSalary
Trevor Rogers MIA SP L 15IL  $7
Josh Jung TEX 3B R  $3
Jordan Lawlar ARI AA SS R $4
Has $11 free, will have $12 free

I’m short like 10 games at MI & short a bunch in OF. Courtesy of the never-ending injury bug. So I’m interested in buying guys that appear to be cuts, for depth, so I can try and maximize my games played down the stretch. Not grossly interested in either but this makes sense for me, as a buyer, if it does, you, as a seller.

The Yellow Darts gives up...

Player NameSalary
DJ LeMahieu NYY 1B/2B/3B R 10IL  $20
Nick Castellanos PHI OF R 10IL  $33
Outgoing Loan $40
Has $21 free, will have $20 free

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