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Urbina's Farmhands gives up...

Player NameSalary
Yoenis Cespedes FA Util R $26
Has $-95 free, will have $-76 free

Just got Kimbrel and I'm looking to cut some salary to help my cap situation. Looking quickly at your roster, it seems you have a lot of OF2-3s but no clear #1. Would you be interested in upgrading to Cespedes? I would cut salary and don't lose too much in HRs/SLG, and you get a possible OF1 and a clear improvement in OBP.

Twosies gives up...

Player NameSalary
Scott Schebler COL AAA OF L $7
Has $26 free, will have $7 free

I agree with your analysis. Cespedes' durability is the only thing that has slowed me down. My son says that he is working on flexibility instead of strength this offseason, so I will agree to it. I really like the possible ceiling/value for Schebler in Cincy.

The league has approved this trade

Approved: 3 Vetoed: 0 Abstained: 9