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League Name: This is Fantasy Baseball | Game Type: FanGraphs Points | Calendar
Trade Deadline: August 31, 2014

Current Auctions

NameEnd TimeMin. Bid
Jameson Taillon July 25, 2014 3:51 AM $4
Chase Headley July 25, 2014 10:05 AM $6

Last 10 Transactions

Transaction Date Team Player Transaction
July 23, 2014 8:04 AM Splitters, spitters n scuffs William Myers cut
July 22, 2014 1:08 AM Calculon Emilio Bonifacio cut
July 22, 2014 1:01 AM Calculon Jake Lamb add
July 21, 2014 9:48 PM Night on Ubaldo Mountain Brett Anderson add
July 18, 2014 3:16 PM Moonlight Grahams Junichi Tazawa add
July 18, 2014 3:15 PM Moonlight Grahams Bradley Boxberger add
July 18, 2014 12:17 PM Night on Ubaldo Mountain Torii Hunter add
July 17, 2014 12:25 PM Romantic About Baseball Marcus Semien cut
July 17, 2014 12:24 PM Romantic About Baseball Ubaldo Jimenez cut
July 17, 2014 12:23 PM Romantic About Baseball Joe Mauer cut

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Dead Simple League Message Board

  • I'm down to play the role of Time Warner if someone is eager to play the role of Fox :)
    Calculon on July 17, 2014 2:05 PM
  • I can help a contender down the stretch if I get solid pieces back for next year. Will listen to any offer.
    Simba's Pride on July 16, 2014 2:24 PM
  • The Keg of Glory's trade block has been updated!
    The Keg of Glory on June 24, 2014 10:24 AM
  • Night on Ubaldo Mountain's trade block has been updated!
    Night on Ubaldo Mountain on June 16, 2014 4:37 PM
  • Napoli and/or Addison Reed available for OF.
    Night on Ubaldo Mountain on June 15, 2014 9:23 PM
  • Romantic About Baseball's trade block has been updated!
    Romantic About Baseball on June 11, 2014 12:52 PM
  • Baby Bears's trade block has been updated!
    Moonlight Grahams on June 9, 2014 3:29 PM
  • the problem only arises when we rely on a veto system that implies everyone is paying attention, and interested enough to cast a vote. Which clearly is not the case, but lets just be positive and have fun.
    Bantasy Faseball Team on June 6, 2014 3:40 PM
  • I think things have simmered down a bit now. I blame myself for not keeping calm, but the point remains, this is an open forum on how to run a fictional team. If eno see's it that way then so be it. it is his choice.
    Bantasy Faseball Team on June 6, 2014 3:27 PM
  • If your done, I'm done, and try to get back to baseball.
    Calculon on June 5, 2014 10:17 PM

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Standings as of July 23, 2014 Graphs

Team Points
Moonlight Grahams 11944.0
The Keg of Glory 11508.1
Night on Ubaldo Mountain 11262.4
Jeter's Gift Baskets, Inc. 11249.1
The Freak Show 10361.5
Bantasy Faseball Team 10352.8
Splitters, spitters n scuffs 10128.4
Calculon 9801.1
Romantic About Baseball 9705.2
Simba's Pride 9040.0
DL All-Stars 8532.6
Eno Sarris' Anal Partner 5752.2

League Commissioners

Bantasy Faseball Team